Do You Feel Lonely In College? Ways To Combat Feeling Lonely In College

Are you new to college? Are you a freshman and feeling lonely? You were the most popular in high school and now you are one in a million in this new university. Are you feeling homesick? Well you are not alone.

Check out some ways to combat loneliness:

  1. First, you are not alone

Also, it’s okay to be alone. No one is making you go hang out and feel awkward. Her Campus says that you should “acknowledge the fact that you’re feeling alone and try to reflect on what is making you feel that way.”

  1. Be open

If you want to be more social or found your group of friends, be open. Spend as much time outside of your dorm room and only come in to sleep.

3. Attend dorm and university events/parties

Push yourself to attend some of the dorm events throughout the week. This will allow you to see if you see anyone you know or have the same class. Also, you may connect with someone just by sharing the same interest.

  1. Join a club or study group

Greek life! Flag Football! Debate Team! Joining an organization will be beneficial to your college years. This will allow you to partner with people from different backgrounds with similar interests or a common goal. Also, you will be able to add these extracurricular activities to your resume.


5. Search for a mentor

A mentor can be anyone that you trust and believe will provide constructive criticism while motivating you to become a better you. Mentors are sports coaches, professors, alumni, or someone in the community.

  1. It’s okay to reach out to the university’s counseling services

Every university has a counseling center with counselors who are there to help. Plus, we are paying them for these services from tuition so use that free counseling.

  1. Exercise or try yoga

Try something new or anything you have always wanted to do and do it. College is a time to explore and find about you. Start exercising at the university’s gym or join a Zumba class.

  1. Talk to your friends and/or parents

Maybe talking with your hometown friends every once in a while will cheer you up. Your parents will always be there for you so talk with them and let them know how you are feeling. Maybe they can start to visit or help you figure out what

  1. Find what makes you happy!

“All of us enjoy where we are much more when we have a sense of purpose, shape, and meaning in our days,” says Deborah J. Cohan Ph.D., a professor of sociology.

10. Real Friendships Takes Time

“Above all, students should know that making lasting friendships takes time.” – Joanna Nesbit

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