10 Steps To Prepare You For Homecoming

1. Complete all school work before the festivities began

You do not want to forget to do your homework because once homecoming starts you will not return back to the dorm until the weekend is over. Be proactive and start on your homework early so you can party longer.

2. New Outfits Alert

It’s time to see everyone’s new outfit that they picked out just for homecoming.

3. Who’s the DD – Designated Driver?

This is probably the most important thing because we know everyone is going to consuming alcohol, but be careful and stay aware of your surroundings. Make sure you and your friends determine if you will drive or take a Uber to get around to the different homecoming activities. Maybe alternate DDs each night so everyone can have a chance to enjoy themselves.

4. Keep Phone Charged

You do not want to miss out on any of the events. Also, you want to stay in touch with your crew in case you all get lost from each other.

5. Liquor Run

Blame it on the alcohol like Jamie said. Make sure everyone is 21 years old so there won’t be any underage drinking.

6. Stay Hydrated

Please drink some water while you are chugging down that beer. Hydrating will help you not have a hangover and be that person who passes out at the tailgate.

7. Crew Love

Get your crew ready to turn up for homecoming. Gang Gang.

8. School Spirit

Cheer your team on during the homecoming game or tailgate all night long in your CampusLately Apparel

9. Where’s the After Party?

“After the show, it’s the afterparty”

10. Pre-game Location

Definitely, have a game plan for the pregame

A Week to Remember

Have a Happy Homecoming 2017!!!!

To check out the upcoming HBCU homecomings, click here.



Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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