SZA’s “The Weekend” Girl Is A Confident Woman

Being signed to the same label under Kendrick Lamar, SZA must be a musical genius being surrounded by the great artists at Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). The 26-year-old is a supernatural songwriter who helped co-write songs for Beyoncé’s “Feelin’ Myself” and Rihanna’s “Consideration.” After her previous mixtapes, SZA’s debut album “Ctrl” has everyone singing her songs and even has men and women debating her song “The Weekend” if she’s glorifying the side chick over the main chick.

“You say you got a girl, and how you want me. How you want me when you got a girl? The feeling is reckless, of knowing you’re selfish, knowing I’m desperate. Getting all in your love, falling all over love, like do it to last, last. Hanging out the back, all up in your lap, like is you come home? Is you out with her? I don’t care long as you’re here by 10:30, no late than, drop them draws, give me what I want.”

After listening to the “The Weekend”, most people view this as a woman being the side chick only during the weekend. She finds out he has a woman, but he stills want her as his own. This is typical “F-boy” behavior. The guy dates multiple women who have certain positions in his life, like SZA said in her tweet it’s a total of 3 women she’s talking about in the song. Each woman believes she is the only one, only to realize the guy is playing all of them and “The Weekend” girl is the only one that recognizes the problem and takes control of the situation. The album is named “Ctrl”.

“My man is my man is your man, Heard it’s her man too. My man is my man is your man, Heard that’s her man. Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I just keep him satisfied through the weekend. You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend. Make him lose his mind every weekend. You take Wednesday, Thursday, then just send him my way. Think I got it covered for the weekend”

The chorus basically shows that the weekend girl knows her place and doesn’t mind being available only on the weekend. Plus, she doesn’t have to deal with all of the extra that comes with being in a relationship with a cheater. Now she is not the side chick, in reality she is the main chick because she knows who she is and only wants the pleasure of a friend with benefits type of relationship. Even when a woman just wants to be friends with benefit, a man usually wants that woman even more. It’s like when a woman knows herself and she isn’t looking for a man, they think she’s playing hard to get. Or men just don’t realize that women can be intimate and not want a relationship or have feelings involved.


“I gotta say I’m in the mood for a little bit more of that. I mean I’m saying what kind of deal is two days? I need me at least ’bout four of them”

“Just enjoy your life. Focus on what’s important to you. If you wanna kick it with the n***a, kick it with him. If you don’t, move on. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t have to be a thing,” SZA speaking on The Breakfast Club. SZA lovely melodies and lyrics are needed for this culture and new age of feminism. She promotes the power of women through her songs and her loveable personality. SZA opens the world to the thoughts of the dominant woman who is still vulnerable with herself, but she knows she deserves better.

Also, be on the lookout for the video to “The Weekend”. The talented Solange Knowles will be directing the video so we can only imagine that this video will be on in a million. If you haven’t heard SZA’s song “The Weekend”, which I doubt, check it out here. SZA is spreading her music worldwide while on her Ctrl tour  and her next stop will be in Houston, Texas on October 3rd.  

Check out SZA explaining in detail about her song “The Weekend” and more:


Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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