Attended a Bridal Expo, but I’m Single

Yes, you read that correct. I recently attended a Bridal Expo and I’m not engaged, in a relationship nor taken. I’m single as a Kraft’s cheese. I always see the billboard advertisement of the Bridal Expo through the year and I always wanted to go to see what exactly people do at a Bridal Expo. If you attend a Bridal/Wedding Expo, then that means you are planning to have a wedding or recently engaged. Me being me, I decided to go to the expo regardless that I’m single.tumblr_oprmpxRGB51vzcwq3o1_400

Now I was nervous, so I googled trying to see if anyone else went to a Bridal Expo without being engaged. In fact, I did find a few articles where women went to these expos without being engaged. There was one lady who attended a bridal expo, which her boyfriend signed them up for, and she won a contest for a honeymoon trip. It’s funny because I got a text stating that I need to call about 50K grand prize getaway. Should I call them? What if you need a fiancé to attend?

images (1)At the expo, there were so many vendors to cake tasting, wedding dress fashion show, bridal shower gifts, and chances to win a free honeymoon. You see all the brides and their bridesmaids with matching outfits. So I decided to make up a fake wedding date and fake husband name, but the one thing I did not think about was that I did not have a ring on. LOL. Yeah, so throughout the event I would hide my finger in my purse while talking to a vendor.

This shows us how society plays a part in how we portray ourselves to be something we’re not. Society, tells us we’re supposed to be married and having babies at this certain age, but times have changed. Nowadays, people have babies before getting married or people stay together without getting married. And this is no shade towards those people. It’s life! Honestly, do whatever makes you happy. I told myself I wanted to have children that same time my mom has me. Well that’s next year and I’m definitely not in a relationship nor married. So I had to change my way of thinking or what I thought I should be doing in this moment.

Wedding+Expo+Redding+CA+Bridal+Show-3That’s why I went to bridal expo because I wanted to challenge the norm and do what I wanted to do. I didn’t feel awkward or sad that I wasn’t in a relationship. My thought process was let me just go and have fun while speaking it into existence. Remember it’s not our time, it’s His time.

Overall, I had a good time at the Bridal expo and it gave me some insight of what I might like for my wedding. I don’t think I would actually go to a bridal expo if and when I get married, plus I was never the girl that dreamed of her wedding 24/7. All I knew/know is that I want a pink dress, walk down the aisle bare foot (my mom hates that), unlimited alcohol and a taco truck to sober us up at the end. Basically, I want a party at my reception. But I’ll let y’all know when I’m engaged, maybe or maybe not. You’ll see the ring, maybe or maybe not.

AP Rose

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  1. I recently did this yesterday! So funny that I noticed the girls with the rings and hid my finger!! 😂😂 Hopefully it wasn’t that obvious! lol I have never been to a wedding and have no clue how they operate or work so it was really cool getting insight on the process with people I really enjoyed it! I would love to go to a bigger one. And just like you I felt that say yes I’m engaged help put me in the mindset that being a bride was possible for me.

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