Graduated, But Not Really

Ever have that feeling that you are going through these battles for a reason? You may not know the reason during the battle. Eventually you’ll look back on the situation and realize it was just God preparing you for something greater. Before a victory, there’s always a storm, right? It’s how you function during the storm that will show if you are prepared or not.

I recently walked across the stage receiving my Masters in Business Administration, MBA, concentrated in Accounting. Two weeks later, I found out I did not graduate due to a failing grade. Anyone that knows me, know I never have failing grades. My initial reaction was that I felt like a failure and we celebrated at my graduation party for nothing. Luckily, I have a great support system that includes my mother, family friends, and God. Again, it’s how you maintain yourself through the storm and that includes your thought process. Instead of thinking of myself as a failure, I realized I had already spoke my degree in existence so why am I worrying. Not graduating was a part of my journey to receiving those three letters, MBA. It did not go as I planned because it’s His timing.

grFinally, my grade was changed to passing after going back and forth with the professor. This showed me that my advisors and professors truly support their students especially if you developed a mentorship. After thinking about my last semester in the graduate program, I really went through some battles and did not even know it. My mother lost her job, my grandmother was becoming ill, and my younger brother was starting college at the same time. Looking back, I was prepared for these battles, but it was not always easy. Want to know how I know that God is good? Well my mother got a new job and promoted within six months, my grandmother found a new doctor that finally understands what she is going through, and my younger brother passed his first semester of college with a breeze. Again, I still don’t know the reason I went through those battles and there will be more, but I am ready.

I can officially say I have graduated and received my diploma as of yesterday. What’s next? Look out next year when I post that I am officially a CPA. Again, just speaking into existence, though that is the plan. For now, wish me luck on my studying journey and keep me in your prayers. As I will do the same.

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