Black Super Pac To Combat Race And Inequality

00EXECUTIVES-1-superJumboWhen they aim low, we aim high. After the election of #45 aka Trump and the countless mistreatment of people of color, it is time to get political. According to The New York Times, there is a group of influential African-American business executives that are forming a political super PAC in 2018. This idea of a super PAC arises from a dinner conversation between Obama’s former attorney general, Eric Holder Jr, and Senators Corey Booker and Kamala Harris. A super PAC can spend freely to campaign for or against political figures.
“You’re wasting your money, My advice is: Get organized,” said Ronald Kirk who also served in the Obama administration and former mayor of Dallas. With other influential people in attendance who raise funds for humanities, “they decided it was time to use their wealth and stature in a more formal way,” reported The New York Times.

What Does This Mean?

When we try to make our Black voices heard by marching, protesting in silence, or kneeling, we still are not heard. Now we must go the political route with these top Black executives coming together utilizing their skills and funds to “start a political action committee, creating a new fund-raising model for corporate executives of color, and support candidates of any political party who fit the PAC’s agenda.”

The organizers of the PAC have been in action by funded screenings for students across the nation to view the movies “Selma” and “Hidden Figures” about highlights during the civil rights movement. When the unjust killings occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, the group was able to raise $1 million within 48 hours to tackle police brutality.  Also, when #45 tweeted about former Merck CEO Kenneth C. Frazier for resigning after Trump’s comments about the Charlottesville racist violence, the group showed their support for Frazier.

The group meets every other Sunday and plans to structure the PAC with a “super PAC” to run political ads or host events; a federal PAC to support candidates; and a 501(c)(4) group, or social welfare nonprofit, that will do a mix of the two.” The main organizers include; Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor; Marva Smalls from Viacom; N. Anthony “Tony” Coles, head of the biotech firm Yumanity Therapeutics; and William M. Lewis, co-chairman of Lazard.

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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