Clark Atlanta Alum Designer Gives HBCU Majorettes’ Uniforms A Makeover

With homecoming season slowing down, we had a chance to see all of the HBCU bands including the beautiful majorettes who shutdowns halftime. We see majorettes coming out on the field in these different, unique costumes and it’s starting to become the trend for celebrity performance wardrobes like the Queen B. From sequin body suits to the aerobic dance routines, these ladies are showing the world how HBCU majorettes get down and one HBCU alum is making sure that happens soon.

Brea Stinson, a Clark Atlanta University Alum, is a fashion designer who has worked with our favorite stars like Beyoncé, TLC and Rita Ora. Stinson is providing her talents by partnering with Tampax, the Always Radiant Collection, and the HBCU Dance Corporation to host a national dance competition. The winning majorettes will have custom uniforms designed by Stinson including $25,000 to help the team.

This partnership started with a survey that found 80% of African-American women during their menstrual cycle do not wear a certain type of clothes due to “fear of leakage.” Stinson said she has “learned through the years that comfortable fashion — or costumes — equals confidence!” It’s already hard being woman when everyone thinks you are confident. We see the majorettes on the field with a smile and to think they are nervous about leaking. “No one should ever compromise their personal style for fear of proper coverage,” says Stinson.

Key Findings from Tampax survey:

  • 4 in 5 African-American women say they avoid wearing certain types of clothes during their period for fear of leaks.
  • Nearly half of African-American women say they bring a jacket or sweater to wrap around their waist during their period when they’re going out to meet friends or on a date.
  • A quarter of African-American women say they avoid dancing while on their period.
  • Half of African-American women say they use mostly pads for their period protection.

Being a graduate from an HBCU, Stinson is instantly connected to this project for the art of dance and the dedication these ladies show every performance. As Stinson puts it, “HBCU majorette teams already exude ‘Black Girl Magic,’ but the costumes that they wear only enhance the magic that is already present, and I look forward to contributing to that through the #RadiantDanceOff contest.”

The ladies have submitted their online videos and voting starts November 2nd to November 15th. To vote for your favorite top 5 dance team, visit #RadiantDanceOff. The winner will be chosen on December 12th. #blackgirlsrock

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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