HBCU Grad Behind NOAA Total Solar Eclipse Imagery

Did you get a good glance at the solar eclipse that had everyone anxious to see? Well, the person behind the imagery of the solar eclipse is a HBCU grad from Jackson State and Howard University. James Sims is a meteorologist, engineer, and scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), where she is the product manager on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, also known as GOES. The GOES-16 Satellite provided the images of the eclipse that allowed millions of Americans to view on their Facebook pages and news channels.

Sims started off as an Accounting major but changed to science after her algebra teacher quickly realized the way she thinks and answer questions are similar to a scientist. She was recently awarded as a NOAA 2017 employee of the quarter, where NOAA express that Sims “champions and supports the development and implementation of weather satellite products to meet customer needs within cost and schedule of project plans.” With two HBCUs added to her resume, Sims says “education at historically black universities was important to her success.” She continues stating that “I gained not just academic expertise, but HBCUs go the extra mile in teaching our students about professional development and pushing the students to pursue internships.”

You may visit http://www.noaa.gov/ to view Sims’ great images of the eclipse


Originally blogged on CampusLately.com


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