Angel Rich: The New Steve Jobs

Everyone in the tech world was worried that there would never be another Steve Jobs. With over 200,000 people downloading the Credit Stacker app within the first two weeks, I believe Angel Rich is set to take that place as a black female entrepreneur. Angel Rich, an alumna of Hampton University, is the CEO and co-founder of The Wealth Factory Inc., who recently released Credit Stacker. Credit Stacker is an engaging app that teaches the young to old about personal finance and credit management in a fun manner.  The app is receiving high reviews from the Department of Education to former First Lady Michelle Obama to one of the leading banking institution, J.P. Morgan & Chase.

The app is as stellar as Rich, who has an extensive resume and recognition from winning the Goldman Sachs Portfolio Challenge to the Prudential’s National Case competition. After winning the Prudential case competition, they offered Rich an opportunity of a lifetime to decide on whatever position she wanted to take at Prudential, a Fortune 500 company, which she selected to become a global market research analyst. The start of Credit Stacker began in 2009 while she helped Prudential make $6 billion in revenue and in return receive a bonus and an offer to receive her MBA at Wharton for free. Rich finally left her job in 2012 to launch The Wealth Factory Inc. in 2013, “a D.C.-based firm that designs financial literacy and workforce development education technology games.”

With all of Rich’s accolades, she still strives to educate young and older generations about economic social justice. You may learn more from Rich by reading her new book,  History of the Black Dollarthat aims “to help older generations remember, while enlightening younger generations on the progression of America and its direct correlation to the support of Black Americans that will inspire both groups to continuing uplifting economic social justice.”

Check out a list of awards and honors for Rich’s company and product:

  • “Being named the best financial literacy product in the country – Office of Michelle Obama The White House
  • Being named the best Learning Game in the country by the Department of Education
  • Winning $10,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase for being the best solution in the world for reducing poverty
  • Being named the Wealth Factory was named the ninth best ed-tech company of 2015, by the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools.
  • Winning a $10,000 grant from Industrial Bank
  • Winning $10,000 as the People’s Choice winner at the 43North business pitch competition.”

You may download the Credit Stacker app from iTunes App store and Google Play app store.

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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