Easy Dorm Room Meal Ideas

You just moved into your dorm room and now need to add groceries while eating on a budget. The cafeteria closes at 10 but you still hungry after eating dinner. What is there to cook? Can you use an oven in your dorm? Are you trying to eat healthy while on a budget?

Mom’s cooking is not at your reach anymore and now it is your time to cook for yourself. Not everyone is a culinary expert, but everyone has to eat somehow. Here are some fun, quick and easy dorm room meal ideas to get you through college.
Cook Bacon in Waffle Maker

In a rush for your 8 o’clock morning class, just follow this quick recipe for bacon in a waffle maker

Jerk Chicken Meal Prep Bowl

Are you trying to meal prep for the week while in college? Check out this jerk chicken bowl recipe

Egg Fried Rice In A Mug

Check out this quick 9-minute meal in mug recipe

10-Minute Enchiladas

 Here is a gluten-free meal option

Quinoa In The Microwave

Easy and Quick Quinoa recipe


Want pizza, but don’t want to order out. Make your own pizza with quesadillas

Instant Mac N Cheese 

Click here Mac N Cheese recipe

Microwave Salmon

Salmon that only takes 5 minutes!

Red Beans And Rice In A Cup

Check out this Indian Red Beans recipe

French Toast In A Cup 

Bread went stale, no problem. Turn stale bread into a quick french toast breakfast in a cup

Let’s Eat!!!

Originally blogged on CampusLately.com

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