Grambling State Forfeits 2011 SWAC Championship Due To NCAA Violations

Grambling State president Rick Gallot says “ineligible players were used during the entire 2011 football season under head coach at the time Doug Williams.” GSU investigated their own football team and notify the NCAA which displayed the usage of ineligible players between 2010 and 2015. Ultimately the punishment for violating NCAA rules includes two-year probation which started last Friday and $5,000 fine. On July 282017, Gallot sent out a letter to GSU students and faculty responding to the NCAA allegations. In his response, football was not the only sport that violated NCAA rules. Two coaches were disciplined for violations and multiple student athletes were not certified to play in collegiate sports like baseball and women’s track and field. These violations also resulted in a reduction in athletic scholarships for women’s track.


Below are some excerpts of Gallot’s response to the NCAA that he sent out to GSU students and faculty.

“Not long after becoming president last year, an internal investigation into NCAA compliance revealed various violations that occurred between 2010-2015. A Notice of Allegations (NOA) has been issued by the NCAA enforcement staff stemming from our inquiry.”

“In addition, two of our track coaches have been disciplined for their individual violations.”

“Most of you have heard me say in the last several months, we can do better, and we will.”

To read more from GSU President Gallot, click here.


Originally blogged on Campus Lately.


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