Budgeting Apps To Help You Save

With the increase in college tuition, more students are leaving college in debt. Sometimes people are not educated to save money while in college and by the time we do learn, some of us are already in too much debt.  Since most of us are glued to our phones and downloading apps for various reasons, Blavity  provided a few apps that will help to start investing, budgeting and saving for the future.


The Mint App is a free “simple personal financial program” powered by Intuit Inc. Available for IOS devices and Androids.

Pros: Bill notification, check credit score and budgeting goal setting

Cons: Lacking of investing features and no phone support

Cost: Free

Prosper Daily

Also known as BillGuard, Prosper Daily is a financial planning software that helps with identity protection. There are no ads when you download the app that is available for Apple and Android users.

Pros: Protects customers from identity theft and monitoring credit

Cons: Pay more for identity protection

Cost: Basic version is free. To add ID Protect costs $9.99 per month


Pros: Able to scan pictures of receipts directly to app

Cons: Though free app, certain features rates range from $0.49 to $4.99

Cost: Basic version is free. Extra features cost from $0.49 to $4.99

Check out the Wally App review that may help you decide if Wally is right for you.

Stash Invest

Image result for stash invest

Just invest $5 and you can start investing in your future with Stash Invest. From personal experience, this app is very helpful for people who want to learn to invest.

Pros: Learn to invest and only a minimum deposit of $5

Cons: No website access and delayed transaction

Cost: $1 per month and first month free


Quicken is a downloadable software program available on Mac and Windows that has been around for a long time.

Pros:  Bill pay and multiple tracking financial portfolios

Cons: Poor customer service and requirement of desktop software

Cost: Range from $30 – $95 depending on which version you use


Only available in the ITunes store and helps track day-to-day expenses for students and others with smaller monthly income.

Pros: Review spending habits and great data security

Cons: Not able to backup or import if switch devices, manual data entry, and available on IOS

Cost: $1.99

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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