Every Senior From A Lafayette High School Band Receives A Scholarship to Talladega College

What if you got a chance to receive a scholarship on the spot? Lucky for the seniors of the Lafayette Northside High School band, after auditioning for the Talladega College Band Director at the annual Clark Atlanta Band Brawl, they were all given a band scholarship. This annual band brawl helps to showcase the most talented high school bands around the country.

As the North Side Vikings band loaded their bus heading back to Louisiana, Miguel Bonds stopped the band in the parking lot and asked to see the seniors audition on the spot. Bonds is the Band Director for the Marching Tornado Band at Talladega College in Alabama, who recently performed at 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Bonds offered all of the Viking seniors a scholarship and it sparked emotions for one senior and drum major Teanna Lindley. Female percussionists feel as though they are overlooked including Lindley, but thanks to Mr. Bonds, Lindley was offered the max scholarship to play snare drums at Talladega. Check out the Vikings band latest fieldshow:

Originally blogged on CampusLately.com

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